Saturday, June 29, 2019

Definition: Medical Science Paradox

The Medical Science Paradox is my own original term for a paradox is modern medicine, where advances in medical technology may  reduce the longevity of the general popultion, instead of increasing it as expected.

The term was officially created on 4 June 2019 with the release of my video, The Medical Science Paradox: Why Longevity is Falling.

There are a variety of reasons why longevity may fall as medicine improves. One is the huge cost of medical care, which ultimately results in fewer people having access to it. If modern medicine saves a life, it gaurantees that the patient will continue spending medical resources for years in the future.

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New Blog Created

I am creating a new blog today for my existing philosophy project, "Demographic Doom: Why The World is Falling Apart." So far, the project consists of a series of original videos, an instagram account, a complex reference structure based on Twitter and a supporting website.

This blog fills in a gap in my project. Until now, I have had no place to post essays and messages longer than a tweet and not appropriate for a video. I expect to use this blog mainly for term definitions, including both accepted demographic terms and those I have made up myself.

This blog will replace my Glossary Page, which was too unwieldy to maintain. With the new blog, I can immediately report on a new idea, announce it on my Twitter feed (and maybe my Facebook page) and it's done.

Blog Posts moved to Bad Words

This blog has been abandoned. For new Demographic Doom posts, see my Bad Words blog , which is my personal philosophy blog dating back to...